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Vision & Mission


-To Become a Professional Tours Operator and Travel Agent.

-To Develop Work Ethics, Honesty, Responsibility Among All Company Personnel.

-To Develop Communications and a Working System in Every Team in Every Division to Fulfill The Needsof The Customer.

-To Develop Communications and Cooperation with All The Tourism Stakeholders and Supporting Elements.


-To Enable Tourists to Get Easily Information on Minangkabau Culture and West Sumatera Tourism.

-To Increase The Number of Tourist Arrivals to West Sumatera Tourism Objects, In Particular Minangkabau Cultural Tourism Objects.

-To Market, Sell and Promote West Sumatera Tourism Objects and Attractions Especially Minangkabau Cultural Tourism Objects and Attractions.

-To Introduce West Sumatera as a Main Tourism Destination in Indonesia by Sending Tourists from West Sumatera to Foreign Tourism Destinations.

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