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In the past, Piaman was a commerce city where trader, merchants, even from abroad such as potuguese and China came here. Anggun Nan Tongga Magek Jabang was born here. His father’s name was Tuanku Rajo Mudo and his mother was Ganto Pamai, dying when she gave a birth to Anggun. Anggun was taken care by his aunt, Suto Suri. Menawhile his father was living as an ascetic in Gunuang Ledang.

Anggun was forbidden to leave his village by his aunt like other young men because she worried that the would never come back again like her three brother. That’s why she gave him knowledge and abilities such as “silek” (self-defence), horsemanship, etc taught by Bujang Salamaik, she also married him off with Gandoriah, Nankodo’s daughter of Tiku.

One day someone told Anggun that he was a coward because he did not dare to go abroad to find out his missing Mamak (uncles). Anggun told his aunt to go abroad to find out his Mamak. At first, Suto Sori did not allow him go, but later she let him go. He sailed with the ship of Dandang Panjang owned Malin Cik Mas.

When they sailed to Binuang Sati Island ( the pirate island ), they met a ship lead by Palimo Bajau, the most frightened pirate. Anggun Nan Tongga was not afraid of him. Anggun Nan Tongga beat him then went to Binuang Sati together. Here he met one of his uncle named Nakodo Rajo, later he became a Moslem leader here.

Malin Cik Mas went back home bringing Anggun Nan Tongga message for Gondoria that the was fine. However Cik Mas betrayel, he told Gandoriah that Anggun has already died.It was made her sad. After tah Anggun sailed again, storm destroy their ship and ran ground on a island name Ranggas Jati that lead by Tuanku Panjang Jangguik, the fact he is one of his uncle, lived with his beautiful daughter Puti Santan Manih. His uncle asked for Anggun to marry Puti Santan Manih but he refuse it because he still loved Gandoriah. After reapiring the ship, he sailed to Koto Tanau to see the third uncle Mangkuduang Sati. He was a wise King and also have a beautiful girl, Puti Andam Dewi. Anggun Nan Tongga married her.

Eventhough they lived happily, Anggun still didn’t feel better and peace, he kept remember Gandoriah. Than he decided to go back to Piaman. At first, he sent a funny tiny man name Buruang Nuri to Piaman fo Gandoriah to cheer her up. On the way home, he came by to Binuang Island to pick Nankodo Rajo up.

In Piaman Anggun could not find Gandoriah, no one knew where she was. Anggun thought that Buruang Nuri has told about him to Gandoriah. Finally, after seven days he found her on the top of hill. He beg a pardon and persuaded her to home. O the way home, she was thirsty and wanted him ti find some water. While Anggun was looking for water, Katik Alamsudin brought her home. Anggun went to Katik Alamsudin’s home to take Gandoriah.

However Katik did not let him taking Gandoriah. Anggun defy him to fight in Padang Siantah. No one win in this fight, both of them were tired. Katik Alamsudin told him that his teacher was Tuanku Haji Mudo, Anggun’s father. They forgave each other and Katik let Gandoriah marry with Anggun. Meanwhile Puti Santan Manih in Rangeh Jati island was sadto hear Anggun Nan Tongga’s marriage, but after she hear that Puti Andam Dewi died when born her child, Santan Manih went to Piaman to see Anggun. However she met Katik Alamsudin, the falin in love.

The wedding dau of Alamsudin and Santan Manih held together with Anggun and Gandoriah. Before the day, Anggun and Gandoriah accompanied by Bujang Selamaik hike to Gunuang Ledang to tell their intention to Anggun’s father. Tuanku Rajo Mudo. Before answering their request, his father told a family secret that after Anggun’s mother died he was taken care by Suto Suri but suckled by many women, one of them was Amai Amanah, Gandoria’s mother. It meant that forbidden to get married. Anggun and Gandoriah shocked.

According to Bujang Selamaik’s story to villagers, three of them hug each other. At that time, a shaft of light strucked them. Bujang Selamaik shocked he fainted. When he conciuos no one there. God  had called them.     



There was a Kingdom in Minang Kabau called Pagaruyuang. The Kingdom was ruled by a woman named Bundo Kanduang.Bundo Kaduang Had a son Dang Tuanku. He was engaged with Puti Bungsu ( the daughter of his uncle , Rajo Mudo ). He was a King in Ranah Sikalawi.

Oneday, there werw gossips that Puti Bungsu would marry with lmbang Jaya, the son of Tiang Bungkuak. He was a king in Sungai Ngiang. He was cruel and invurnalable and Dang Tuanku got a disease, that was why Rajo Mudo Wanted his daugter married with lmbang Jaya. lmbang Jaya ordered robbers to keep the way from Pagaruyung to Sikalawi to avoid the Dang Tuanku Visited Pagaruyuang. Nobody passed this way.

Bundo Kanduang got angry and she asked for the authority of the Kingdom what had happenned, becauser Rajo Mudo broke the engagement without information. she made a meeting and decided to send somebody who smart and brave to look for the information. they sent Cindue Mato. she was a loyal guard, the daughter of Lenggogeni. Before she leaved Pagaruyaung, Dang Tuanku whispered her but nobody knew what they told.

According to the story teller, Cindue Mato brought a white horse called Gumarang. a bull called Binuang with the 'Ganto' ( bell ) on his neck ( when Binuang moved his head, many bees would spread out from the genta and sting peope ) and a white  chicken called Kinantan with hard crew.

After few days, Cindue Mato arrived in the wastedland at Bukik Tambun Tulang. The robbers stopped her and they fought. She lost because of out her breath. Then Cindue Mato asked for Binuang to move his head, and the bees stung the robbers and they run away.

When she arrived at the palance, she woke up Puti Bungsu and told about her ciming. Cindue Mato brought her to Pagaruyuang.

In the morning, Rajo Mudo worried about her, because he couldn't find her and then lmbang Jaya knew about it. He was sure that Cindue Mato brought her becase the robbers told to him. He went to Pagaruyuang and fought with Cindue Mato. When they fought, the headcloth of his head was dropped and his supernatural power was lost and he was killed by Cindue Mato. Bundo Kanduang was worried about this becase she killed lmbang Jaya and Tiang Bungkuak would take revenge. So Cindue Mato was ordered to leave Pagaruyuang and she went to Indopuro.

When Tiang Bungkuak came to Pagaruyuang, Bundo Kanduang told that Cindue Mato has been exiled. Soon Bundo Kanduang and her followers moved to Lunang to avoid Tiang Bungkuak because he was very strong.Tiang Bungkuak found only 2 persons in Pagaruyuang.

He come back to Sungai Ngiang. On the way he found a young man and acted like a crazy man. He was Cindue Mato that disquised a crazy man but can message sick people who were sprain and sing with sweet voice. Tiang Bungkuak was interested and brought  him.

One day. Tiang Bungkuak got sick and asked for Cindue Mato to message him while singing. When he was asleep, Cindue Mato looked for his weakness and found that only his creese could kill him. Cindue Mato killed him by his creesee.

Cindue mato was back to Pagaruyuang and rebuilt the Kingdom. Bundo Kanduang and Dang Tuanku as well as Puti Bungsu stayed in Lunang until they passed away.


Rambun Pamenan had a sister named Reno Pinang. their father passed away when they were still children, and their monther, Linduang Bulan was famous with her beauty, so many men wanted to marry her but she didn't.

Rajo Angek Garang, the King of Nagari Tarusan Camin wanted to marry her, and he ordered his guards to pick her up by forcing her. According to the teller, Linduang Bulan was kidnapped from her house and flied by Burag, a kind of vehicle which a horse had man's head. Becase of her rejet, Linduang Bulan put into the jail for years without news, so Rambun and Reno grew an orphan.

One day, Rambun whent to look for wood pigeon. He met with an hunter named Alang Bangkeh. After discussing, the hunter knew that Rambun was Linduang Bulan's son. Because he roamed every where. It made Rambun sad and angry. He informed his sister that their monther was still alive. He learned Pancak Silek ( self defence ) to release her.

He decided to go to Tarusan Camin to release his mother. On the way, he mwt with an older man owned the field. He stayed for few days and helped the man on his field. After that he continued his trip by bringing a stick named ' Manau Sunsang' ( it was given by the old man ). He arrived at Tarusan Camin and stopped in a small coffeeshop. He worked there for few days to get food while learning the situation of his monther was jailed. His mother was guarded by 7 bodyguards but all of them could be handed by him. He met with Rajo Angek and fought until Rajo Angek Garang died. The people who wacthed this fight were very happy becase somebody could beat Rajo Angek Garang.

Rambun met his mother and embraced her. At the and, the people sked for him to lead the Tarusan Camin, but he didn't want to be a King. He broght his mother to his village and lived together happily.


There was an adat house in Padang Tarok, in the lower course of the river  Batang Agam. Husband and wife, Rajo Babandiang and Sadun Saribai lived here. They had a son named Mangkutak Alam and a daughter named Sabai nan Aluih. They had different characters. Sabai was diligent, friendly, beautiful, so everybody liked her. However, Mangkutak was handsome, arrogant and liked playing kite and his father loved him very much but Sabai was not jealous.

The beauty of Sabai was wellknown until to other villages.Rajo Nan Panjang was a rich man, respected by his people in Situjuah want to marry her. He was Rajo Babandiang's friend. Rajo Nan Panjang sent his delegates to propose to her. He rejected his propose by saying that he was shy having arich son-in-law and a broker. Rajo Nan Panjang got angry and he himself went to Rajo Babandiang to propose his daughter.

Rajo Babandiang Knew if he rejeted his propose, it woul be a fight, and Rajo Babandiang suggested to him to meet in Padang Panahuan on Sunday, automatically Rajo Nan Panjang knew that Rajo Babandiang didn't accept his propose and challengged to fight.

Meanwhille, Sabai heard the conversation behind the door and was afraid of her father's safety, because she had dreamt that the ricebarn burnt, buffalo was stolen and fighting cock was caught by eagle. She told her dream to his father and he told that if ricebarn burnt it meant that we would harvest crops, loosing buffalo meant the cattles raised, and fighting cock meant that her brother ( Mangkutak ) will be proposed.

On Sunday, Rajo Babandiang and Rajo Nan Panjang and their guards came to the arena to fight, and when Rajo Nan Panjang was squeezed, his quards came to help him by shooting Rajo Babandiang.

A farmer saw this and run to meet Sabai to tell what had happened. Sabai was very sad because her bad dream come true. She asked for her brother to see their father in the arena, but he refused it, and Sabai went to the arena. On the way, she met Rajo Nan Panjang and his guards, they were quarrel. Sabai threated him to shoot and he laughed her because the gun was not for women, and she didin't care about this and she shot him die.


South of Padang harbour, there is a beach which is fam ous with the legeng of 'Malin Kundang'. Malin Kundang was only a child of a fisherman' family. His father had passed away. so his mother looked after him. She usd to brinf him where she went ( dikundang-kundang ) that's why people called him' Malin Kundang'.

When he grew up he asked for his mother that he wntet to be a sailor. His mother's heart filled with a profound sadness when she realized that his son already had made up his mind. She asked for son to remember her and didin't forget to look her up when he was near home. He promised her that he woul return and look for her when he got enough monry.

Malin Kundang travelled from the fishing vilage to Taluak Bayue. Taluak Bayue's was full with boats when he arrived in the city. The sight of the harbour and the ships made Malin Kundang's heart beat faster. To him, tere was none more beautiful than this maritime view. He immediately went searching for a job. Spotting one of the largest ships in the harbour, he went to see the captain and secured himself a job as a member of the ship's crew. The ship belonged to a rich merchant from Malaysia.

The ship sailed for a destination past the Malacca Strait. Malin Kundang got to know many island and islets  as he worked his way through as one of crew members on the ship. Because he always delivered the job in an outstanding way, he became soon the captain's favorote worker. He liked the good natured captain very much. later, he owned a beautiful ship and became a rich merchant.

When Malin Kundang was sailing, his mother went to the harbour everyday and hoped that he would return. As the years past by, she grew more impatient. She felt that she was growing older with each day and that her movements were slowing down. One day when she was sitting along with her own thought, a young girl called her that Malin Kundang was here. She was surprised to see so many people who had left their homes to admire the big, strage ship, said to belong to Malin Kundang.

Aided by the girl she got on deck of the big boat. The girl whispered her that a big man was her son. They approached the man. His mother told him that she was his mother. Malin Kundang didin't believe that the old woman was him mother because his mother was an admirible woman when he left her. Srong she was with a smile revealing a set of healthy peraly teeth.

Malin Kundang proferred not to know her and retorted hid mother had never looked like this. She was deeply schocked at hearing the those words. Meanwhile Puan Azizah, his wife appeared on deck when she heard the commotion outside. Depply ashamed now that his mother was an unpresentable position, Malin Kundang denied her existence even more. shewas a beggar. these words killed his mother's sadness. She told that she didin't come to beg, but she wanted to see her son.

Malin Kundang ordered the guards to take this old woman from his boat and never allow her on his ship. The young girl's quivering voice urged her to get out off the beautiful ship. Many people were winees of the cruel treatment of Malin Kundang to his mother. Malin Kundang ordered the crew to leave this place immediately.

When the ship was sailing, the cloud was not grey, the waves were big, the rain falled in huge drops, storm was big so made the view at sea almost impossible. He and his crew were afraid and knew that it looked bad for ship. The ship had reached a point in the gulf which was dense with underwater coral formations. He suddenly remembered the old seaman's legend. No seaman should treat his mother badly if he din't want to invite the wrath of nature's elements. Amid the storm he thought of his mother. He knew that this was nature way of punishing a wayward child. it was the famous curse befalling seamen who have mistreated their mother. Fear entred his whole being, because it was known also that nobody survived the curse. Malin Kundang was afraid now, called after his mother to forgive his sin. His prayers didn't save his ship from strading on the coral rocks. The rocks tore into the wooden hull of the ship and made a large hole through wichh the sea flooded in. In no time the ship was full of water while the storm still raged on. There was nobody who could possibbly come to the rescues in such a storm. The ship sank with every body in it. There was no survivor of the entire crew of the boat.


Sari Banilai was a daughter of King Maulana falling in love  with Bujang Juaro, from Hindustan.They had sworn to be true other forever or be cursed, she was to be turned into a rock and he turned into a snake.

One day, Sari Banilai and his father was sailing and the got an accident which the ship was swept by a current into a strait where it become to entangled among the roots of a huge trees, so they were forced to stay in the country by two King Darah Putian and Ampek Susu.

Sari Banilai was forced to marry a young man by the name Rambun Padeh and then they had a child. The child was playing by the seaside and dropped a toy into the water. His mother tries to recover it when she got suck betwen two rocks. The servant couldn't get her free, so she stayed there and slowly she turned into a rock.

According to the story, the strait where the princess got suck betwen rocks dried up and known as Harau Valley.The princess and her belongings can still be seen in the form of rock,gathered in a corner of the Valley. A boulder nearby is called Batu Tambatan Parahu or Morning Stone.



In the past at the small Kampuang name Bayue lived a family with 9 sons. Eight of them had married and the last son named Bujang Sambilan fell in love with a girl at other village, she was a beautiful that why she become a flower of Kampuang. However each of the family did not agree with that relationship.

One day Bujang Sambilan and his girl made a promise that they would not be seperated so that they decided to suicide by falling down to the ravine near Kampuang Bayue. The palace where Bujang Sambilan and his girl fell down was spraying water, and day by day it become a lake, named Maninjau means can be seen from high palace.




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